Finding the perfect wedding venue requires a lot of research as it is what will make your wedding theme a reality. Whether you decide to make your wedding a lavish event in a ballroom, winery, or as simple as a barnyard or backyard party it is a major decision in wedding planning. Your venue will provide a backdrop for your special day. Here are some things to consider when making this big decision. Making sure the size of your venue will comfortably accommodate your guests taking in consideration seating and not to forget room for the food and dance floor. Location is also very important as guests may be traveling a considerable distance by car to get to your party destination, or you may just want to have something close to home where you can search for hidden gems in your hometown. You can always opt out to a destination wedding in which you may want to research resorts that may offer all inclusive packages for accommodations as well. Make sure you know what style wedding you may want take into consideration and have ideas as to what type of decorations you may need. Hiring the right vendors to cater your food, cake, alcohol or professionally provide wedding décor and lighting that may make your venue even more spectacular. Lighting for outdoor wedding can make it romantic and unique incorporating color bringing life to large indoor venues and even a simple backyard wedding. Once you have found a theme and venue for your party you can really start bringing all your wedding details all together to have the wedding of your dreams.