More and more we are experiencing non-traditional weddings in this era filled with millennials who are changing the rules to wedding traditions. We live in a society that is focused mainly on a digital world filled with social media as part of our everyday lives. Millennials are reshaping the way modern weddings are now planned and celebrated. Millennials are within the 16-34 age group; therefore wedding planning is an entirely different social experience than previous generations. Personal touches are very important and one of the most important ways to distinguish a millennial wedding is through personal touches within the theme. The wedding theme sets the tone and provides a way for Millennials to personalize their wedding by creating an exciting and unique atmosphere. Bride and Grooms share common aspects of their relationship to share with their guests, which may be expressed in the theme a dance or the location and decor of their wedding. It is even common for Millennial couples to have their four-legged friend be part of the bridal party or at the very least, present in save-the-date photos. Incorporating Social Media with a unique hashtags encourage wedding guests to be engaged, and allow for everyone to see details of the wedding. Couples can utilize custom Snapchat filters that feature the bride and groom as cartoon characters, or combine the couple’s name, further allowing guests to truly enjoy the day as well as add some creativity to the wedding. Photo booths are also centered on social media, as many couples provide props that best represent their wedding theme and decor making it social media friendly. It is common for millennial weddings to steer away from formal receptions, and give guests a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Whether this means having a small backyard wedding reception to even incorporating some DIY decor to keep the cost of the wedding at a more affordable price. Each couple’s intention is to create a wedding that is an unforgettable experience truly reflecting the couple. For some couples, this also means stepping outside the conventional aspects of weddings. In addition to a wedding cake, decadent dessert tables featuring Macaroons, donut wreaths, cupcake towers, or milk and cookies can be served to add an enjoyable twist to the usual menu. Having the freedom to make a wedding as unique as the couple and be expressive with the decor, bridesmaids dresses, wedding venues, food choices and more make for a very customizable millennial wedding.