Lighting is very important in a wedding and it is one of the most important details but frequently overlooked. Most brides always focus on other big aspects of the weeding like dress, cakes, table linen and center pieces, but more recently couples have begun incorporating different lighting options to their wedding décor. Here are some creative ideas to illuminate your reception. Candles are a great way to give your wedding a touch of romance. You can set candle holders on the table hang them from your table centerpieces or put them in mason jars on the table. Hanging lanterns and bistro lighting is another option specially if you are having a wedding outdoors. Light canopies are a perfect way to accent your dance floor and string lighting can be hung from trees or ceilings to create a waterfall lighting effect. Set the mood of your wedding as lighting can be incorporated into every kind of  wedding theme just adding a touch of sparkle to your special day.