The Prom started in the 1920’s in the US and is the classic American rite of passage for high school students from all walks of life. Proms being celebrated in the high school gym in the 1920’s may have been an acceptable setting for those days, but senior balls for new generations have gradually moved to hotel ballrooms banquet halls and country clubs. The format of the prom today varies from place to place but a traditional prom usually involves high school students in tuxedos and gowns, dancing and music, combined with decorations and a theme. With the growth of prom events, they continue to become more and more elaborate and with it the venues and not to mention the decor. Having a theme for the prom is very important, not only having the perfect venue but the right decor to showcase your theme. Having a professional lighting company showcase your theme with the right touch of lighting can make your prom a memorable one. No matter what your theme is, lighting can set the perfect ambiance with the use of any color scheme you choose. We provide a variety of services for indoor and outdoor venues, we cater to different events and offer a variety of special lighting. From uplighting, pin spot lighting, monogram logo projection, gobo patterns, string and bistro lighting and color washing. We not only install lighting for your event but can also help to customize and suggest options for perfect lighting designs and colors that best suits your event. Contact us for a free quote at (951)402-2000 we can help make your prom shine brightly with a touch of our professional event lighting.