Getting the lighting right is a crucially important aspect for events of all types and sizes, from enormous multimedia productions down to one-offs with extremely modest budgets—the right lighting can set the desired tone and mood for each variety of event and venue. In fact, lighting is one of the key essentials for mood, ambience, scenic elements, as well as filming an event. “Stage wash” describes filling of light and color across a stage. The result, an even amount of lighting across the entire stage, really makes the stage stand out. For example, at an event, bringing the house lights down a bit will serve to focus the audience’s attention on the stage. The first step towards creating an even stage wash is to select the number of lights used, which will depend mainly on the size of the stage. Also, it’s very important where you position the lighting trees all basic lighting is going to be ground-supported. Uplights—ground supported LED lamps used to add color and texture to the pipe and drape—are a very effective and convenient option for enhancing the ambience of a room. If you are in the process of hiring a light vendor we can help with your lighting needs no matter how big or small your next event contact us for a free no obligation quote at (951402-2000 or look us up online at