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Metallic is the new Burlap for Weddings in 2016. 2016 is all about the sparkle of Gold and shimmer of metallic, its simple yet elegant. We’ve seen in the past 5 years many brides using burlap and using country/rustic as their theme, but now we are seeing a huge shift into metallic and monochromatic themed Weddings. We are seeing lots of Shimmer and Shine from Bridesmaid dresses to Industrial Style Centerpieces. Brides are finding unique and beautiful ways of incorporating the metallic theme. In addition, Brides are diy’ing a lot of their decor. From Metallic Spray painted Vases to Glitter table numbers. This year for weddings its all about creating and designing your own elements. For the cake many brides are choosing to add Gold Edible flakes to their cakes, I saw a neat idea to have glitter frosted Donuts they look so elegant but in a fun way. The metallic themed weddings can be anywhere from very elegant and over the top to simple yet classy design elements. This seems to be a great theme for all brides as you can customize it to your liking. In addition to the metallic brides are adding a pop of color, from mint to blush to lilac, by adding one accent color brides are designing their Wedding Day to have some flair while staying true to their metallic theme. When it comes to the flowers many Brides are opting for cream, whites and blush color flower to stick to their metallic theme, some brides are adding rose gold colored ribbon to their bouquets and centerpieces to get that metallic feel. I’ve been seeing many brides using the monochromatic look and choosing one color for their bridesmaids dresses but using several different shades of the color. This is a great idea for brides to go with because its still classy but not boring with each bridesmaid wearing the same color. I’ve also been seeing many brides choosing to go monochromatic with their bouquets, I like the idea of different shades of white, cream, beige for the brides bouquet and different shades of blush and pink for the bridesmaids. This is a great way to incorporate several shades of one color in a classy and romantic way.  Just remember that if your going with a metallic theme do not go too overboard with lots of glitter or shiny objects, subtle touches is always a better than over the top.