Children's Birthday Party

Candy Bar at Birthday Party


Planning and preparing for an Event can be a huge task whether big or small it’s hard work. Little details are what many people seem to forget when they are planning. So make a list and check off what you have completed and what still needs to be completed. Being organized and giving yourself enough time is key, if you don’t give yourself enough time you will most likely end up having to skip a few important parts to your event. Here are a few important things you should not skip for any event. Number one is Food and Drinks; you don’t have to serve an entire meal but you should have snacks or h’orderves for your guests.Also be sure you specify on your invitation whether you’ll be serving a meal or just snacks,  people sometimes come to parties or events just assuming you will have a meal so by specifically adding this to your invitation will take away the confusion for your guests. Beverages are also important, people get thirsty and expect you to supply some sort of beverage whether its just soda and water or if your serving alcoholic drinks, you should also state this on the invitation. (Even if its BYOB, add it to your invitation).

The next important thing when planning your event is proper seating and tables, always make sure you have enough chairs to accommodate all of your guests or even if you don’t have chairs, couches or stools work just fine. You don’t want your guests having to stand because you didn’t have enough seating. If your serving a meal I suggest having tables or places where people are able to sit and eat. Your guests will feel more welcomed and will most likely stay longer if they feel comfortable so seating is mandatory. If your event is for both adults and children it’s a good idea to have toys or games that will occupy the children. We have all been to parties where there were children and they are bored and crying because there is nothing for them to do. Make sure you think of all the different ages and have appropriate activities for each child. If your throwing an all adult event first make sure that you specify on your invitation adults only, this may seem tacky or rude but there is always that one person who shows up with a child when they clearly knew it was adults only. Being upfront with your guests and honest is a great way to ensure your event will be successful and all parties are happy. Planning for your event can seem overwhelming but planning and prepping it out will help you alleviate from stressing. Just remember each event and party is unique so plan accordingly and make sure you give yourself enough time to plan a spectacular event.



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