August nuptials are still considered summer but on the brink of fall, color choices range from vibrant fiery tones to cooler color combinations. August is a month that hints at change and your wedding colors can reflect this sense of the season. Though bright greenery may still be on the scene, in many locations a richening of the landscape may occur with the colors of the harvest season and lightening skies.  While pale and pastel yellows are typically better suited to early spring, yellow is in vogue, and there are many shades that work well for August. Consider shades of yellow such as Goldenrod, Sunflower yellow, Saffron, and Dandelion. Yellow is a versatile color and can be used with many other colors in a late summer wedding such as white, ivory, browns, oranges, blues, and violet/purples. Another popular idea is using sunflowers as part of the decor as they are in full bloom during the month of August. Take advantage of the weather and host a barnyard, beachside, backyard or any other type of outdoor venue for your special day. Lighting for an outdoor venue can transform your event and bring a touch of romance after sunset and keep your party going well into the night. My Event Kings know how important it is to make your wedding day, birthday, engagement party, corporate event or any other event shine brightly. Call us today for a free quote at (951)402-200 or visit us online at for a list of services we offer.