Winter weddings have a bad reputation due to not being able to predict the weather. For some the thought of getting married in the Winter can bring some elegant elements to their wedding. Celebrations can typically mean including sophisticated white, ivory or metallic décor alongside wintery tree branches used in reception centerpieces wrapped in Christmas lights creating a cozy ambiance. Lanterns are reflective of cold weather without strongly reflecting Christmas. They can be incorporated as part of the décor commonly used to line isles or as centerpieces. Glittering twigs and branches are commonly used with winter themed wedding arrangements. Light them up and they bring the element of a warm environment with the help of LED lights you can add a little sparkle where you need it. String lights are a versatile decoration perfect for almost any occasion. They can be hung across entrances or wrapped around pillars, and can even hang down with short icicles or from the ceiling to floor as light curtains. Winter being the season for the holidays provides the option of also using ribbons in gold, silver and white colors to embellish the backs of chairs or if using garland you can also embellish with bows. Although according to wedding experts, when it comes to winter ceremonies you should generally avoid items or color pairings that feel too “Holiday” at the end of the day, it’s your big day. Feel free to add splashes of ice blue, red or any other color you desire in your wedding décor. Just don’t forget to incorporate lighting for a touch sparkle and glow wherever you need it.