Most people think of string lighting and instantly think of Christmas while others with creativity use these lights year round. Here are some cool creative ideas on how to use string lighting. If you are a volleyball player then here is a treat keep the game going all night by stringing the net and posts with bright white lights, and adding a few more strands around the edges of the court to be sure everyone knows when the ball is in or out. Firepit lights without the fire is another way to use string lighting copper wire lights mimic a glowing fire and can be kept shining all night with a battery-powered string of lights, or even an extension cord strategically placed to be as hidden from guests. You can also spruce up a wall for a graduation party or birthday party by stringing mini lights across a wall and attaching polaroid pictures with clothes pins to create a wall of memories as part of your decor. Wrapping trees or bushes with mini lights on outdoor spaces can add a touch of lighting with a creative touch for warm summer nights outdoors.
Get creative with your holiday lighting and incorporate it in your home indoor and outdoors you will be surprised with the endless ways you can use your holiday lighting year round.