Adding mini lights as decor can be an inexpensive way add some sparkle to a bedroom for all ages. Here are some DIY ideas all you need is a little imagination and you will be surprised at the results. For a super starry look, try lightweight wire LED lights build a canopy out of sheer curtains hang from a wall and you’ve got a focal point for any bedroom. You can also use globe string lights to outline a killer accent wall or spotlight specific pieces of art on your walls. If you want to forgo frames, just clip photos onto a strand of mini lights to display your favorite pictures this idea is perfect for a teenager’s bedroom. If you want to divide an open-concept room without making it darker, add a wall of lights and you’ve got a bright and yet still open room. You can also hang lights from a ceiling to draw attention to high ceilings or draw attention to architectural features. Adding lighting can be inviting and add warmth to a bedroom it can serve as a nightlight in a kid’s room or add some romance to your bedroom space. No matter what your reason’s a little DIY and imagination can go long way.